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HELP! BUGS! Post website useage questions and concerns here

By Steven - Posted on 24 January 2008

If you have any trouble using the website or any concerns about the content, please ask away.


The add new comment doensn't always work. I tried to post a second comment to the 'New Jets' topic, and I still don;' know what happened to it.

Please tell me if it was something I did.


Your second comment appears just below your first in that topic. Bronwen replied to you, and your reply to hers is next. Was there another one that disappeared?


Thanks a lot!

That was a really stupid question x(  But now I know how this works. Looks I'm too used to forum that sort posts according to date posted...


You can choose how the forum is sorted for you by using the dropdown menus at the bottom of the page. IF you want to sort by date only, choose "flat" option.

How do you post teaching material? Under "Post Something" I only see a link to post on the calender and to post a new topic.

The site administrator (Steven O) is the only one who can post to that page for some reason, so I would suggest doing one of two things:

1) Send the files directly to him in an e-mail, but label them with grade level and page numbers (if applicable), so he can file them under the right page or...

2) Send them to me via e-mail and I'll label them appropriately, then forward them on to Steven with a collection of other stuff I have for this year's Open Book project.

Steven should really answer this, though, because my dream is for everyone to be able to post to the teaching site as the spirit moves them. I can rename the files from there if they are not labeled like the rest of them.


Spam/ bad entries is the problem. If we let anyone post anything then the moderators have to check everything that is posted and reorganize and delete stuff after the fact. Each time/day they would have to sift through. Since there are not a lot of people wanting to contribute, then it's easiest just to mail it to the admin and they can post it. On the way they can organize, relabel, and sift submissions for quality and file format, etc. It's a pain I guess, but if you've got a better way lay it on me.

I understand.

If anyone wants to post to the teaching materials page, I have a building collection that I will be submitting to the administrator shortly, so feel free to e-mail me at the Kencho address. When I make the print version of Open Book, your name will be included in the credits as a contributor.

I was browsing the forum and the previous/next post buttons weren't sequential. I was on the 3rd post and it gave me the option to go back to the 1st post or "forward" to the 2nd post. The same options were given when I was on later posts too... It was really unpredictable. It seemed to do this more when I left comments.


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