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Jobs in Ishikawa (Kanazawa) and Toyama (Uozu)

By UsagiJoe - Posted on 18 January 2012

Dear Magical JET peoples,

If you happen to know anyone looking for work as an English teacher NOVA currently has 2 positions that it is looking to fill. The Toyama position is immediate and the Kanazawa position will begin around the end of March/beginning of April. I've been working for NOVA for several years, and the area manager is awesome and working for the company is far better than the reputation may lead you believe. Please email me via these forums if you know anyone that is interested as my manager and I will be interviewing directly. Thanks in advance folks, and may your experiences in Japan continue to be positive.

Very Respectfully,

Joe "UsagiJoe" Parker

Here is the basic information:

The monthly salary is approximately 253,000 for a five day week of eight 44 min lessons per day. Other schedules with fewer work days and/or fewer lessons per week/day are also available, so it is often possible to accommodate specific scheduling needs.

New instructors contracted to work 5 days a week will receive 10 paid holidays in their first year and more with each subsequent contract.

Travel Allowance
Japan has an extensive and convenient public transportation system, but travelling to and from work can add up. To help with this, the company covers the instructors' commuting costs.

Training and Support
Whether you have teaching experience or have never taught before, a new job can be a major undertaking. Initial training is provided to all new instructors, which introduces them to the teaching materials, lessons and classroom management. Separate training is also provided for our kids' lessons. In addition to this, additional training and support is provided throughout your term of employment to ensure that you can reach your full potential.
All the materials you'll need to teach your lessons are provided by the company; there's no need to purchase your own.

In order to work in Japan, a valid visa is required. Jibun Mirai Holdings (NOVA) offers visa sponsorship to eligible applicants.

Working Location
Instructors are required to work at any branch location that is within commutable distance from their home. Regular shifts at different branches may be scheduled. This maximizes opportunities for students to meet instructors from different countries and exposes students to a broad range of language characteristics.


Hi my name is Hannah and I am a JET in Kanazawa. I was just enquiring about the NOVA position for my boyfriend as he is looking for work. Thanks!

Dear Everyone,

I hope this information was helpful for everyone. As I have now moved on from the Hokuriku area, I no longer represent my former employer in these matters. NOVA was a great company for me, but i have moved on to be with my wife. Best of luck to future applicants.

Usagi Joe

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