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What charity work do we do?

As well as helping out Fukui JETs and organizing great events, FJET is really proud of its charity work. Throughout the year, we organise several events to raise money for charity – in fact, in 2009 we won the national AJET ‘Best Charity Event Award’ for our Orphanage Sports Day. We’ve also had two of our illustrious members win the AJET Exceptional Service Awards for their work in both the local Japanese community and the wide AJET project.

One of the main aspects of FJET’s charity work is visiting local orphanages. Started by the FJET Volunteer Liaison, Mike Maher King in 2007, a number of JETs and local members of the community began to visit an orphanage in Fukui-shi. The visit was so successful that the project has snowballed, and FJET now visits three orphanages across the prefecture. The visits are a great way to get involved with the local Japanese community and have a lot of fun with sweet, slightly crazy kids!

In fact, the project was so successful that it inspired Mike to set up his own NPO, Smile Kids Japan (, to encourage other prefectures to start similar visits. SMK has gone from strength to strength and has supported people starting orphanage visits in 12 prefectures!

Throughout the year, to support both the orphanage visits and other charitable bit and pieces, such as the PEPYS ride and Go Longitude, FJET organises some really great events. From Talent Shows (look that up on YouTube if you dare!) to Pub Quizzes, Karaoke Battles to FJET Plays, there really is nothing we won’t do for a bit of fundraising. Last year we raised an astonishing 600,000 yen and we are on course for that again this year! The money raised will be evenly split over the five orphanages here in Fukui Ken.

If you want to get involved, drop an email to fjetvolunteer at gmail dot com for more information!