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Other Useful Links

External Fukui Links

Fukui Prefectural Government Site. Lots of info, leans towards statistics and basic information for the curious.

To Live in Fukui "Daily Life Information for Foreigners in Japan". Lots of good information here for everyone, not just JETs.

Fukui Prefecture's Tourist Site

The Fukui City official website. Actual step by step instructions for how to separate your trash in the city. Invaluable! Also includes a link to the Fukui Interanational Association.

Did you know that Fukui is the dinosaur capital of Japan? Well now you do! This is the English link the Dinosaur Museum in Katsuyama.

Learning Japanese

Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) site

Charles Kelly’s Online Japanese Language Study Materials

The Kanji Kentei website (the Kanji Kentei is a Kanji test for both Japanese people and anyone learning the language – the site is in Japanese)

A list of kanji by school grade (and links of other breakdowns)

Introduction to radicals (for beginners from

A list of radicals and their meaning in English

Online dictionaries:
(Good for many definitions and examples)
(Good if you cannot read the kanji)

and for those who use mozilla, to read all your kanjis:

Immigration Bureau of Japan
CLAIR Multilingual Guide to Living in Japan
National Police Agency
Japan Postal Service


International Mental Health Professionals of Japan
Tokyo English Life Line (free anonymous telephone counseling)

Jorudan Train Route Finder (English)
Hyperdia Train Route Finder (English)
JR East Japan

JR West Japan

Japan Automobile Federation (JAF)

Weather, earthquake, typhoon: