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Okuetsu Region

Nestled in the mountains of north-eastern Fukui, the Okuetsu region is home to Katsuyama, Ono and the distant Izumi area. Okuetsu is home to many of Fukui's top sake producers. It is also home to Fukui's best skiing areas, the Big Buddha, two castles, a dinosaur museum, and dozens of culturally significant places of interest and importance. Local specialty foods include delicious satoimo from Ono's Kamisho area and fresh ayu fished from the Kuzuryu River in summer.

Taking Route 158 from Fukui City will take you along the Asuwa River and into Ono City. Continuing through Ono along Route 158 will bring you past the famous watering hole, into Izumi and eventually on to Gifu Prefecture. The trip from Fukui to Ono should take about 35-45 minutes by car depending on the weather and traffic. It takes about 50 minutes by JR train (650 yen) and about 1 hour by bus (about 950 yen). Please keep in mind that from Ono the bus runs hourly while there are only nine trips made by the train.

Taking Route 416 from Fukui City will follow the Kuzuryu River upstream towards Katsuyama City. Along the way you will see signs for Eiheiji, a renowned Zen Buddhist temple. Going between Fukui and Katsuyama by car should take about 40-50 minutes, again, depending on traffic and weather conditions. By the Echizen Tetsudo train, the cost is 750 yen and it should take about 55 minutes. On the weekend, you can get a day pass for 750 yen that can be used on any EchiTetsu line. Unfortunately, there is no bus service between Fukui and Katsuyama.

Route 261 is a short road that links Route 416 and 157. Ono and Katsuyama are connected by Route 157, so it is possible to get from Fukui to Ono through Katsuyama, or conversely, from Fukui to Katsuyama via Ono.

Katsuyama and Ono are separated by a small mountain. Route 157 uses a short tunnel to go through the mountain, while there is an access road that circumvents it. It takes about 15-25 minutes to get from the main area of one city to the other. There are also buses that go back and forth between Ono and Katsuyama.

Below is a map of mostly Katsuyama:
*Note* Route 416 at the top: it goes north into Ishikawa Prefecture and west towards Fukui City. It is linked to 157 by Route 216. Route 157 leads south, over a bridge and through a tunnel, into Ono City where it eventually meets up with Route 158.

Additional maps of Katsuyama and Ono are available in their respective links found below.

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