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International Experts on Autism Visited Kazakhstan

At the end of May, "Asyl Miras" Autism Center in Astana was visited by the leading international consultants on autism spectrum disorders from Carbone Clinic (USA) – Carol Roxburgh (UK) and Suhdev Hansra (Director of Carbone Clinic in Dubai, UAE).

The main purpose of their visit was to assess the needs of the center for the implementation of programs based on applied behavior analysis (ABA). Based on the results, the consultants gave their recommendations for the development of programs, including training for the center’s staff covering the newest methods and practices of working with children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD).

"ASD prevalence rate has been growing continuously. Today, every 59 children in the world have autism spectrum disorders," Carol Roxburgh explains, "Therefore, it is very important to identify ASD at the earliest possible stage and to provide proper correction so that kids with autism can grow up to be productive members of society. We can do this, since in Carbone Clinic we work on the basis of applied behavioral analysis (ABA). This is a practice with the scientifically proven effectiveness. Now it will be applied in "Asyl Miras" centers. We plan to train specialists and track the results. I hope that in the future there will be a greater number of such centers in Kazakhstan and then all children will get correction and socialization for free. "

"In the US, there is a program of early screening tests that can identify autism from the very birth. And this is the key to the success of their methods," says Janyl Mukashova, program manager of "Asyl Miras" Foundation," In Kazakhstan, autism is not diagnosed in children under 3 years. So we lose precious time. Also, they apply scientifically proven practices for correction, according to which autism is not a disease, but a condition – ASD. We stick to this point of view, since it is the right classification that leads to proper correction. "

Currently, about half a thousand children undergo the professional correction in "Asyl Miras" Autism Centers. They are sponsored by Bulat Utemuratov who is well known in Kazakhstan for his charity work. Apparently, charity and sponsorship is a family tradition along with entrepreneurial activity, as the sons of Bulat Utemuratov also channel revenues from their businesses to help those in need.