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How to date a stripper woman

For some reason men have controversial points of view about stripper girls. It is quite understandable that there is a misconception in a modern society that strippers are girls that are obsessed with money and sleep around for the bill. But you should understand that stripping is rarely a preference and it is straight disrespectful to assume the level of intelligence and abilities, based on the profession. So, if you are free from prejudices, here are some tips and tricks on how to interest and further date a stripper girl.

  • Understand all the peculiarities of her profession. Yes, stripper girls are usually very beautiful and they dance pretty well, but are you ready to date a girl that gets tons of attention every day, has to lap dance and usually gets disrespected or touched by other men? If the answer is yes, if you are ready or okay with it and if you are non-judgmental, then you might consider having a stripper girlfriend. You should know that once a girl works in a decent club, she might earn a lot of money and have good tips. She might even earn far more than you if she’s an exceptionally good dancer. This is how much exotic dancers make: . You have to deal with attention and high standards, based on a decent salary.
  • Choose the club that is comfortable for you. Some clubs are openly hood, so there is no need to go there if you do not want to have problems. You might want to consider some gentlemen clubs where girls you want to talk with usually dance. You can easily Google those issues or ask fellow men what is the club of their preference. For example, if you want to consider Russian brides marriage or dating, go to Easter European clubs where there are more Slavic girls than American.
  • Come to a club when it’s early. You might want to show up when girls are just warming up, and see which one of those capture your attention. Usually, when you come after the club is just opened, there should be no problem to talk to a girl while she is not at work yet. This way you will not be distracting.
  • Be a nice guy. Stripper girls usually deal with lots of douchebags who like to touch women for free and get some attention from beautiful ladies. However, that is not the case if you want to be THE ONE or her. Not just a customer, but also a good guy she want to start a relationship with.
  • Tip her. It might be the most substantial thing you want to consider. Girls at the stripping club usually work hard; they spend much on grooming and training to obtain a good body, so they expect their customers to be polite and able to pay the bill. You also want to pay an extra tip to a girl you like. But don’t touch her dirty or grab her butt during the lap dances, because she will never consider you a serious match. Also, you don’t want to request lap dances from her fellow stripper friends as it will mean that you want to have fun, touching other women before you even actually got acquainted.
  • Ask her out when the atmosphere can be quiet, if it is possible. Be a gentleman and a friend at the same time. Don’t make dirty jokes or drop disgusting hints. Show a girl that you are actually interested in her as a person, rather than concentrating on her body.