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Fukui in English

Here are some of the official English websites for Fukui's cities, towns, sightseeing spots, and groups. Enjoy!

--Good for the Whole Prefecture--
To Live in Fukui "Daily Life Information for Foreigners in Japan"
A comprehensive guide on how to live comfortably in Fukui.

Japan Healthcare Info
A website with English information regarding the Japanese healthcare system.
Also provides other services such as locating English-speaking doctors in your area, and setting up appointments.

Kusuri no Shiori (Medicine Guidebook)
Find out information about the medicine doctors and clinics have issued you through this site.

Japan Meteorological Agency English Site
Get the latest weather and earthquake updates here.

How to Turn Your Foreign Driver's License into a Japanese One
Information brought to you by the Japanese Automobile Federation.

All News Fukui Via the Asahi Shimbun

Fukui Prefectural Government Site
Lots of info! Basic information, events and other things.

Fukui International Association
Information about Japanese classes, events, and more.
They have a physical location in Fukui City, and one in Tsuruga City.

Fukui Prefecture's Tourist Site

Echizen Washi (Japanese Paper) Village

A Guide to Fukui Dialect Japanese
Created and run by one amazing lady who wants to spread Fukui love to the world.

--Fukui City--
The Fukui City official website
Actual step by step instructions for how to separate your trash in the city. Invaluable! Also includes a link to the Fukui International Association.

Fukui Saiseikai Hospital
Aiming to be a foreigner-friendly hospital

Fukui City International Club

Fukui City Japanese Language Assistance Program "Shaberiba"

Fukui Chapter of the Japan Association for Language Teaching (JALT)
This group hosts seminars that share great ideas on how to teach English in Japan

Fukui University International Student Center
Keep in touch with an English-speaking college crowd.

Fukui City Art Museum

Fukui Bunkyo Gospel Center

--Outside Fukui City, North to South--
Kaga Onsen (Southern Ishikawa)

Yamanaka Onsen (Southern Ishikawa)

Awara City Tourist Association

Katsuyama City Tourism English Page

Katsuyama Geopark, Dinosaur Valley Fukui

Katsuyama Dinosaur Museum
Did you know that Fukui is the dinosaur capital of Japan? Well now you do! This is the English link the Dinosaur Museum in Katsuyama.

Sabae City English Website

Echizen Town English Page

Echizen Washi Village

Tsuruga City English Page

Wakasa Town Visitor Information

Obama City English Page