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Guide Credits

Over the years, many many people have contributed to this guide. Not only have they written the articles and area guides from scratch, each year volunteers have painstakingly gone over the text to do their best to add to and update the information. Of course, with a project this detailed and this large, mistakes are bound to be carried on to the next issue, and some of the information may be outdated or just plain wrong. The best way to find out is to go out and see for yourself!

Finally, here is list of names of the people who have made this guide possible. Surely we've missed a few, but don't worry, your work is certainly being put to good use. Thank you!

Kristine Shelton, Camille Purvis, Gareth Bower, Karoline Klug, Ray Hanson, Patrick Gaston, Cam Switzer, Sonia Nalywajko, Sam Denny, Mishanda Coney, Richard Mathurin, Miwa Yamada, Larry Wilcock, Samantha Perry, Jenny Jung, Donna Drake, Liz Crutwell, John Munjak, Jamie Revord, Rick Smith, Renee Smith, Jonathan Coombes, Clare Allbless, Dorcas Jones, Thomas Daniel, Andrew Drake, Beth McMullen, Julian Giles, Jo & Derek White, Anna Rappaport, Chris Fredrick, Harriet Amos, Heidi Smith, Steve Infanti, Sorel Klein, Kristen Hata, Frances Song, Karl English, Sue Nopley, Ardythe Williams, Brooke Jamison, Kevin Ohare, Laurie Gagnon, Darren Heiber, Kristi Mitsuda, Paul Yamada, Daryl Muranaka, Trisha Lamers, Josie Inaldo, Zara Shulman, Caroline Davison, Helen Reeve, Lisa Husick, Fiona Duncan, Dan Lock, Dan Suehisa, Jenny Duncan, Mark Sekita, Andy Glasgow, Victor Davila, Jolene Spragg, Dave Kahn, and Jennie Ng, Cat Goodwin, Jordan Heiber, Liz Meers, Brian Mahler, Nikki Manna, Kathy Pulkrabek, Matt Ruddle, Erin Bartalotta, Brian Riordan, Helena Hydzik, Kimberley Budden, Nevin Thompson, Janine Hoffmeister, Richard Olsen, Andy Morris, Kristen Iacobelli, John Daugherty, Jef Robinson, Ethan Plaut, Jessica Drexler, Liam Cosgrove, Gwen Thomas, Stephaan Steyn, Shirly Mani, Richard Tonge, Neil Wade, Jasmine Lapointe-Turk, Robbie Roberts, Camilla Lade, Stuart Butchers, Nicola Townshend, Matt Gilhool, Kimberly Daniels, J. Tanner Blackman, Colin Johnston, Galina Hristoskova, Eben Saling, William MacDonald, Kathleen Campano, Steven O'Neill, Melissa Avis, Viljami Nykanen, Zachary Everson, Anna Ho, Alice Greer, Mark Pestka, Lucia Brea.