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KAR Rally

What: Kar Rally in Southern Fukui, followed by a party and staying a night at a campsite (drinking, music and food!)

When: June 22nd, starting at about 9am in Tsuruga, Fukui

Who: Anyone can join, you just need a team of 4-5 people and a car! If you want to join, but need help finding a team email


Cost (estimate based on last year: finalised cost when we know exact numbers):
2000円 to take part in just the rally
2500円 for rally plus party(BYOB)
5000円 for rally, party and staying the night at the campsite (we actually stay in cabins!)


In a nutshell, it's a scavenger hunt, where you and your team drive around in your car in the south of Fukui, completing picture challenges, following written directions on PAPER maps (jesus they still exist?) and doing dodgy/crazy tasks created lovingly for you by a team of volunteers down the south. One activity last year involved members of a team having to get a key out of a bucket full of water on top of a car, without touching the bucket and using ropes, wood planks etc. It takes all day from around 9am until 6-7pm.

Your team can be between 4-5 people (your team will be in one car you dummy), and you have to have a theme for your team that fits in with the overall KAR RALLY theme....LOL. Last year the KAR RALLY theme was a Zombie Apocalypse so check out Stuart's groups ridiculously awesome Zombie Rock Band group. The dress up part of the kar rally is possibly the best part!

This year the theme is: TIME TRAVEL

Afterwards we stay in a campsite south of Obama, eat food, drink beer, give out prizes and have a brilliant party! The maximim number of people that can stay in the huts is about 58 or so!

Any questions please email