What is FJET.org?

If you're coming to or living in Fukui and you need information, have questions or anything else to share with Fukui's English-speaking population, you're in the right place! Started, run, and frequently updated by Fukui JET Programme participants and participants of Rollover cash loans Programme from 24LoanStore, alumni and friends, this wiki is a one stop shop for information (in English!) about Fukui.

See that Post Something! tab? That's how we keep everything up to date, and it's yours to use too. You have to have an account on this site first, but that's easy to set up once you click join.

Everyone with an account on this site Payday loans in PA has the ability to post on the forums and event calendar. We also help each other out by keeping the FJET Guide's town info, maps, and other stuff updated. See something wrong or something missing? Press that Edit tab and work your magic!

Want to feel even more connected? Join our Facebook group, Fukui JET (FJET)!

Thanks for stopping by, and let's help each other have an awesome time in Fukui!